Saturday, 19 February 2011

Injection 25

Injection 25 done 18/02/2011 - woke up with a slight headache so am going to take 2 paracetomol.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Injection 24

Going to do my 24th Injection tonight, half way through treatment.

No major complications to report, apart from the tiredness and lack of drive to get going in the mornings and the onset of diarrhaea within 10 - 60 minutes of taking my Ribavirin for the last 2 weeks.

I discussed the problem with my specialist and have to hand a stool sample in to my doctor to have it sent to the microbiologist for testing to see if i have a bug that needs to be treated or if it is just a case of taking some medication for the problem.

The tiredness is getting to be less of a problem if i keep going once started and mostly only becomes apparent when i sit down, then i start dosing off which in turn makes me feel more tired.

Injection 23

Done my 23rd injection tonight (04/02/11) and have left it a week to report any problems.....well nothing to report treatment wise, still soldiering on.

I still have the tiredness and sleep issues but am dealing with them as they begin to get too much.

I have finished my jobcentre course and have been down to start a fresh claim as i still dont have a job.

I have also stripped my spare bedroom and will leave it to dry for 24 hours and then paint the walls white as they are all the old yellow discoloured way, except for 1 which has been replaced at some point prior to me getting the flat and has been papered on top of plasterboard sheets without applying a sealer first, once the walls are painted i will then leave to dry and wash and paper the roof as it has had polystyrene tiles which have been removed and the roof painted over.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Injection 22

Did injection 22 last night and have had no real problems with this one.....still very tired and headachey but am getting to grips with that.....just resting when i can.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Injection 21

Done injection 21 on Friday 21st and have to say i have felt terrible since, i dont know if it was the injection or the Ribavirin or the chicken kievs and mussells i had but i was ok for an hour or so after having my tea then i took my Ribavirin and left that an hour or so then did my injection and went to bed.

Around 11:30pm i woke up and had to jump up and run to the bathroom and made it just in time for the deluge to begin.....i was up quite a few times through the night and got very little sleep or rest. Not wanting to risk getting caught out i took my Riba with just water to see if that would settle my stomach, it seemed to help.....however all Saturday i felt a major headache and sick and an un-natural hate of any noise or light....went to bed around 9:30pm i think and had the usual 3.5 hours sleep and waking up still feeling drained and sick but managed to doze off again.

Sunday i never ventured out of bed all day as i was still feeling very very rough but now with sweats and white spot in my eyes - kind of like when you look at a light bulb then look away- sometimes you still see the white spot.....but this was constant through the day and night.

Monday i got up and took my Riba with water as i was still feeling ill and had gone around 40+ hours without eating.....just drinking water so had a roll at work and i managed to keep it down.....and in.

I still however felt sick all Monday and was more tired than usual and continue to feel more and more tired the further into treatment i go....Almost halfway there....

Friday, 21 January 2011

Injection 20

This injection went without any problems, i am however still feeling extremely tired within half an hour of getting out of bed.....regardless of whether i have slept or not.

Went to HepC clinic today to pick up my next 4 weeks meds and to give blood, was unable to get enough blood for testing, this is one my specialist wanted to do as she wants to check my thyroid to see if that is causing the constant tiredness.....oh well try again next month.

Going to do Injection 21 now.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Injection 19

This injection went without any problems, however the fatigue is getting worse as well as the inability to sleep properly - getting about 3 hours a night if i am lucky and just dozing the rest of the time....this week i have taken a half day off a couple of times due to suddenly feeling a wave of exhaustion and feeling my body is going to shut down.